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How to Buy Twitter followers?

Buying Twitter followers is already a fad, which is increasingly put into practice by users of the popular social network. However, it is a counterproductive trend, which can do more harm than good. Here we will explain what exactly it means to buy Twitter followers, and what the risks are.

Who usually buy Twitter followers

There are different classes of people who engage in this practice, for different reasons. One of the most notorious groups is celebrities and politicians, because popularity and social influence are, of course, highly valued in their field. It is common for celebrities to have a large number of fake followers, but this is not necessarily an indicator that a purchase has been made, since it is common for bots (automated accounts) to automatically follow very popular accounts.@ the best payment gateway for online payments.

Others who tend to buy Twitter followers are advertisers, to give a boost to the social media accounts of brands and companies. There are even those who use these services to distort the statistical results of a poor campaign, so customers should know that it is possible to buy Twitter followers, as well as other social networks, and also inquire into ways to detect fraud.

Others who incur in the purchase are entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Because they don’t have a significant advertising budget, the only way to achieve a fast online presence is to buy Twitter followers. This response to a question of anxiety for success, but in the long term what will really make a difference and attract clients is the real and continuous work of community management, not the false followers.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the general public. Many times teenagers who simply want to improve their image in front of their peers by showing popularity.

Why not buy Twitter followers?

One of the main reasons why this practice is not recommended is because the followers bought are not real, but are bots or ghost accounts, which do not participate or interact with the Twitter account they follow. In addition, Twitter continually improves its controls to detect anomalies and false accounts, so that, after buying Twitter followers, these will eventually disappear.

As if this were not enough, buying Twitter followers can be counterproductive because if Internet users discover a suspicious increase in the number of followers on an account, they are likely to report it publicly. There are cases in which this turned into an image crisis in social networks.

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